What is Orthodontics?

What is Orthodontics?

How is orthodontics applied?

Orthodontic application is applied to the patients with teeth or jawbone defect using the necessary apparatus. It is aimed to correct the structure of the tooth or jaw bone which is damaged during the treatment.


Who does wire treatment?

Wire treatment practices are practiced by orthodontists who have graduated from dentistry and who have successfully completed their doctoral studies in the field of orthodontics.


What is the price of dental braces treatment?

The prices of orthodontic treatments vary according to the apparatus to be used in the treatment, the difficulty of the treatment and the duration of treatment. The most accurate information about orthodontic applications can be obtained by examination.


How long does orthodontics take?

The duration of orthodontic treatment varies according to the severity of the individual's current state. However, there are applications ending in as little as 5-7 months, as well as treatment periods that are found in years. In order not to prolong the treatment time, it is necessary to regularly check the controls and to pay attention to the points that the doctor wants to be observed.


When is orthodontics applied?

The most appropriate age for the first orthodonticmauyene is 7 years of age. The jaw development problems detected in this period are treated more comfortably because the child is younger. If there is no problem concerning the development of the jaws, the most suitable time for orthodontic treatment is usually the 11-14 age range, where all permanent teeth occur if the problem arises from only dental irregularities. Treatments applied at early ages are often called PROTECTIVE TREATMENTS, which prevent the progression of the problem.
Orthodontic treatment can be applied to individuals of all ages with healthy teeth, gums and bones. Of course, treatment and mechanics for all ages vary.


Do the wires cause pain or wounds?

When first applied, it may cause wounds in various sizes and depths within the mucosa of the mouth. However, this situation disappears after a certain period of time. Protective practices are also very important in this issue.


Does the braces refute my existing teeth?

Before applying the wire on the tooth, it is necessary to obtain a regular brushing habit. Food residues on the wires should be cleaned regularly. Otherwise, the remaining food remains in the wires will be inevitable.


Does orthodontic treatment end the teeth again?

After orthodontic treatment is completed, the teeth will make an effort to return to their pre-treatment condition. However, it is necessary to use various protective devices called retention apparatus used instead of wires that are removed after the wires are taken. Nowadays, the most popular and healthy retention apparatus is fixed lingualretainer which is attached to the back of the front 6 teeth.