Turkey and Our Clinic in Dental Tourism

Turkey and Our Clinic in Dental Tourism

Turkey and Our Clinic in Dental Tourism

Our Country In recent years, the Dynamic Young Population is a preferred destination for European and Arab countries with special and public investments in health facilities.

Our country is more interested in the price with about 50-80% according to the clinics in Europe especially with the clinics and doctors who constantly renew and develop their dental treatments.

We have hundreds of patients from all over the world in the area of ​​dental treatment and we come to our clinic and Manavgat.

The Most Important Arrivals of Tourists from Foreign Countries on Dental Treatment Quality Service is suitable prices for the patients.

Diseases are the treatment of dental and especially implant treatment for the most frequent causes. Dental Implant Prices in European Countries are Changing at 2000-5000 Euro. In our country, these prices are served fairly below the same price.

It is usually enough for the treatment of our patients 2 times. They can go to the countries of the next day after the first operation, they go to the part of Tooth Making when they arrive the 2nd time. At this stage, the patient needs to stay at 7-14 days according to the treatment.

Due to the fact that the region we are in is a tourism paradise of Turkey, there are Hundreds of Hotels within 5 - 10 Minutes Distance to Our Clinic, Suitable prices  Very Quality Hotel. In this context, dental treatment and holiday can be done at the same time.

Factors Changing the Price of Dental Implants

Experience and Expertise of the Doctor; One in Europe Experts of Dental Implant Jaw Surgery Make More Fees at Approximate 40-50% According to Dentists.

All operations in our clinic Dentist & Oral  Surgery Specialist Dr. Dt. Serdal VESKE


There are hundreds of implant companies in the world. The most important element that determines the quality of dental implantation is the scientific publications on the company's history and implant brand. This is the Easiest Way to Have Information in Our Diseases. Https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/ By writing the Implant Mark on the Internet Sites, they can learn the Scientific Facts and History related to the Implant Used.

The greatest benefit of the used implant brand in the world is that it can be reached in any country in the world or in any country in the country when the implant and prosthesis become a problem related to the intermediate parts of the implant in the following period.

Quality and Aesthetics in the Prostheses Made During the Last Beginning It is a very important factor in making the patient happy.