Dental Implants

Dental Implants

An İmplant İs A General Concept Given To Artificial Materials Placed İn The Body As A Word. Dental İmplants Are Artificial Tooth Roots Placed İn The Jawbone. The Build Material Of The İmplant İs Mostly Titanium.

When Describing The İmplant, I Would Like To Tell You The Most Common Questions Our Patients Ask.

What Are The Criteria That Affect Success İn İmplant Treatment? And What İs The Success Rate?

Factors Affecting Success İn İmplant Treatment;

-Experience And Experience Of The Practitioner

- The Quality Of The İmplant

- Bone Quality And Quality Of The Patient

-Hospital's Oral Care And Systemic Condition

-It İs The Proper Prosthesis On The İmplant.

Scientifically, İmplant Success Rates Range From 95% To 100%.

Can Every Patient Be İmplanted?

If The Patient Has Adequate Bone Mass For İmplantation And The Overall Systemic Condition İs Appropriate, A Dental İmplant May Be Applied To Any Patient Who Has Completed Growth Development. This Problem Can Be Eliminated By Using Graft Materials Or By Advanced Surgical Techniques When The Bone Structure Of Our Patient İs Not Appropriate.

Do I Feel Pain When The İmplant İs Placed?

Our Patients Do Not Feel Pain With Normal Dental Anesthesia Performed Before The İmplant Operation. Many People Think The Procedure İs Very Painful Or Difficult, But İn Reality The İmplant Operation İs As Simple As A Tooth Extraction, And The Duration Of An İmplant Placement İs 10-15 Minutes.

When Can İmplant Be Performed After Tooth Extraction?

The İmplant Can Be İmplanted With The Same Seantation (Early İmplantation) As The Tooth Extraction, 4-8 Weeks After The Tooth Extraction (Delayed İmplantation), 12-16 Weeks (Late İmplantation) And 3 Months Following The Classical Mandibular Tooth Extraction After 6 Months.

When Can I Get My Prosthesis After İmplantation?

Prosthesis Can Be Made After İmplant Operation Followed By İmplantation Of Bone And İmplant (Osteointegration). This Period İs 3 Months For The Lower Jaw And 6 Months For The Upper Jaw. However, There Are Successful Results İn The Literature Regarding The Construction Of The Prosthesis İmmediately After İmplant Operation. In Addition, This Time Can Be Shortened İn Our Patients Who Have Time Or Aesthetic Distress Thanks To İmplants That Provide Rapid Healing (Osteointegration) Produced By Some İmplant Companies.

At What Time İs İmplant Therapy Applied And What Are The Benefits?

Implant Therapy Can Be Applied İn Single Tooth Deficiencies, Partial Tooth Deficiencies, Or İn All Toothless Conditions.

Patients Who Have Lost All Their Teeth Carry A Total Prosthesis. In These Cases, Because Of The Movement Of The Prosthesis, Patients Suffer From Constant Pain (Bumps) And Difficulty İn Chewing. This Problem İs Getting Bigger With The Prolonged Time Of Bone Tissue Which İs Supporting The Prosthesis. Implant Dentistry Removes All Complaints And Stops The Dissection Of The Bone.

In Patients Who Have Lost Some Of Their Teeth İn The Lower Or Upper Jaw, The Distress İs Aesthetic Concerns İn The İmage Of The Hooks (Crochet) Attached To Their Teeth. In Addition, The Cutting Of Solid Teeth To Make Bridges İs A Very Serious And Annoying Situation. With The İmplant You Are Also Relieved Of These Problems.

In Patients With A Single Tooth Problem, At Least 2 Adjacent Teeth Should Be Sacrificed For The Prosthesis To Be Made To A Single Tooth. You Can Also Get Rid Of This Necessity By Having An İmplant. In Addition, The İmplant Offers A Much More Aesthetic Appearance As Well As A Comfortable And Long-Lasting Use.

Implant Operations Protect The Most Natural Resolved Teeth And Healthy Teeth, Which Resemble The Lost Teeth Of Our Patients, And The Difficulty Of Using The Removable Prosthesis İn All Our Toothless Or Partial Toothless Patients İs Removed.

How Long Are The İmplants?

It İs Wrong To Give A Definite Time For The Life Of İmplants. This İs Related To The Success Of The Procedure And The Oral Care Of The Patient. However, There Are İmplants Used İn The Literature For 30-40 Years.

Do You Have Cancer Risk?

In The Medical Literature, No Evidence Has Been Found To Show That İmplants Cause Cancer.

Is There An Age Limit For İmplant Application?

An İmplant Can Be Applied To Any Patient Who Complies With Growth And Development, Has General Health And Bone Structure. In Particular, İmplanta İs The Group Of Patients Most Needing Functionally, And Our Patients Are Older And Use Movable Prostheses.

How Should The Patient's Oral Care Be Done After The İmplant Operation?

After İmplant Surgery, Our Patients Need To Pay More Attention To Oral Care. It İs Recommended To Use Toothbrushing, İnterface Brushes, Tooth Threads And Mouth Shower.

Our Smokers Are Advised To Stop Smoking Because They Can Cause Wound Healing And Problems With Oral Care.